07 May 2008

Critical pregnancy: request for prayers

I got an urgent request for prayer in an email this afternoon from Wales:

Mary, our very good friend, and God Mother to Therese Maria, is in her 31st week of pregnancy and is currently in intensive care in cambridge due to complications. She will need to stay in hospital until the baby is delivered by caesarian. This is her first child. Please pray for her, and also her husband, Joachim, at this most difficult time.

(For those who may remember - Mary was a musician, and Joachim a reader, both at our wedding and at Therese Maria's baptism).

Thank you and God Bless, Sean & Mabel.

Sean is from Wales and Mabel from San Remigio, Cebu, Philippines.

Let us pray to Mary's namesake who went to be of assistance to her cousin Elizabeth when both of them were pregnant. And let us invoke Mary's parents, Sts Joachim and Anne. St Joachim surely is praying for his namesake.

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