05 June 2008

Father Ragheed Ganni Remembered

Vatican Radio has a short item on the first death anniversary of Father Ragheed Ganni. It includes part of an interview with Monsignor Liam Bergin, Rector of the Pontifical Irish College in Rome, which held a seminar to remember some of the Church's martyrs. Monsignor Bergin recalls some of Father Ragheed's personal qualities.


Jackie Parkes MJ said...

I had a You Tube clip of hymn singing a hymn to Our Lady in arabic..must hunt it down...so inspiring even in death..

Fr Seán Coyle said...

Thanks, Jackie. I think I have that video posted somewhere myself. The hymn sung by Father Ragheed was played during his funeral.

I really think that Father Ragheed shows the true face of the priesthood. I'll have an article about him in the July-August issue of Misyon, www.misyononline.com .