21 September 2008

Church Suffers in India

Two stories from UCAN show how Christians, especially Catholics, are suffering in central India right now due to the actions of some fundamentalist Hindus. Please pray for all who are affected.

INDIA Nun Says Police Beating Helped Her Appreciate Her Faith
By T.S. Thomas

September 19, 2008 MANGALORE, India (UCAN) -- Sister Selma (photo) says the beating she endured at the hands of policemen has helped her appreciate the persecution her forefathers suffered for their Catholic faith.

Bethany Sister Selma in a hospital in Mangalore, India, on Sept. 18, after police beat her for protecting a church from attacks by Hindu fanatics.

The Bethany nun and eight other members of her congregation were among some 40 women injured on Sept. 15 when policemen baton-charged Catholics at two separate gatherings in Mangalore, Karnataka state. The Catholic men and women were protecting their churches from attack by Hindu fanatics while protesting earlier attacks on other churches in this southern Indian state.
During the past month, Hindu militants in Karnataka have vandalized churches and prayer halls, destroyed bibles, prayer books, crosses and crucifixes, and desecrated the Blessed Sacrament. Hindu radical groups accuse Christians of converting Hindus through force and allurement. Full story.

INDIA Christians Protest Arson Attack On Central Indian Cathedral

September 19, 2008 JABALPUR, India (UCAN) -- Christians in central India have taken to the streets in protest after some people tried to set their cathedral ablaze.

The damaged Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral altar in Jabalpur, central India, that arsonists set fire to on Sept. 18.
Two unidentified men entered 120-year-old Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Jabalpur, a town in Madhya Pradesh state, and set fire to its altar on the evening of Sept. 18, Father Joseph Christuraj told UCA News. The priest, spokesperson for Jabalpur diocese, said the fire was put out before it could spread to other areas.
Several hours later, in protest, Christians peacefully blocked traffic on a main street in the town, 815 kilometers south of New Delhi. Christian schools there did not open on Sept. 19. Full story.


shivaji choudhury said...

we must condemn killing or violence in the name of religion in Karnataka, Orissa,MP, Nagaland,MizOram,Tripura or any where in India.First we are indian ,then we are what we are

shivaji choudhury,jabalpur

Jacqueline said...

Sadly, this news of persecution, rarely reaches the western news. We will pray for all who suffer and those that persecute. May God's mercy deal with all.