04 October 2008

I can't 'bear' to look!

When I saw this photo and story in today's Daily Telegraph I immediately thought of my late mother. No, she didn't look like a bear. However, her variation of the English idiom 'Like a bull in a china shop', meaning very clumsy, was 'Like a bear in a delph shop'.

I've googled both expressions but only the first comes up. So my mother's expression was her own. I don't know if she got it from my grandmother or grandfather. She had many expressions that I never heard anyone else using, not even her sisters or brothers.

The bear in this amusing story that happened in British Columbia is not in a delph or china shop but in a sandwich shop. Nobody was hurt - except for the poor bear who was later put down.

The animal in the photo is a real bear, not a 'counter feet' one!

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