23 December 2008

Mary Full of Life

Mary Full of Life H/T to The Curt Jester

You may find photos of the sculpture at Mary Full of Life. My apologies for using a copyrighted photo of the sculpture shown on the billboard. I have just deleted it.


San Juan de la Cruz (1542-1597)

Del Verbo divino
la Virgen preñada
viene de camino:
¡si le dais posada!

With the divinest Word, the Virgin
Made pregnant, down the road
Comes walking, if you’ll grant her
A room in your abode. Translated by Roy Campbell

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MFL said...

Thank you for your interest in this work. However, the photos of the sculpture, the sculpture, the prayer, and website are all original works, with copyright protection - all rights reserved. It requires permission from the owners, myself and my husband, before it can be reproduced in any format, including posting into a blog. Thus, we also do not give consent to attach this photo to someone else's written work. We will provide a photo for use, upon request at info@maryfulloflife.org