06 June 2013

National Vigil for LIfe, Dublin, Saturday 8 June

Blurb with the video: The National Vigil for Life takes place at a key moment with the Government intending to introduce abortion in July. Get involved by attending yourself and inviting as many others as possible. Bring a car-load or even a bus-load. To organise a bus or get information on buses from your area please telephone Denise on (087) 266 8702 or Theresa on (085) 871 1100. Like National Vigil For Life on Facebook and Follow @natvigil4life on Twitter for updates. See you on 8th June!

The government of the Republic of Ireland is trying to introduce legislation that would legalise abortion. The most contentious part of the bill would allow abortion if the mother was threatening abortion. The medical and psychiatric advice given during consultations held in the Senate chamber earlier in the year dismissed as having no basis the idea that aborting a child was a 'cure' for suicidal ideation.

Fears too have been expressed that if this legislation is approved it would give a l'legitimacy' to suicide. And this at a time when suicide is the cause of the deaths of many young people, about 80 percent of them men.

Little or no attention has bee paid to the reality that in many cases having had an abortion has led women to suicide or to attempted suicide.

LifeZine, the official magazine of Family & Life in Dublin, states:

Right now the Irish government proposes dangerous and unjust abortion legislation. The Taoiseach says it's restrictive, that it's about saving lives, and that it won't actually change anything. Nothing could be further from the truth. The government plans to rush this legislation through in July - even avoiding a vote in the Dáil [Irish parliament] if possible. Your presence at the National Vigil For Life in Merrion Square, Dublin, this Saturday at 3pm is vital to challenge this. Before the Vigil, there will be a special Prayer Service for Life in Saint Andrew's Church, Westland Row, from 1.30 to 2.30 pm, led by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin. Please do as much as you can to make this event a success. Invite family, friends and colleagues. This may be your last chance to make your voice heard.

Though I am an Irish citizen, with no other citizenship, I cannot vote in Irish elections because I am living overseas, even though in the Philippines where I have permanent residency I cannot vote in elections at any level there either. I am outraged at the possibility that legislation dealing with life and death could possibly be passed without a vote.

Knock Shrine, Basilica in background

Archbishop Michael Neary of Tuam gave a powerful homily on the issue last Saturday in the Basilica in Knock, where the Blessed Mother appeared in 1879, and which is in his diocese. Here is the conclusion of his homily:

Clear Catholic Position
The Catholic bishops of Ireland point out that “the Bill as outlined represents a dramatic and morally unacceptable change to Irish law and is unnecessary to ensure that women receive the life-saving treatment they need during pregnancy”. The Pro-life commitment of the Church is reflected in her compassion for those who so often regret having had an abortion, her understanding for those who are facing difficult decisions, and her assistance for those who choose life. The work of CURA in this regard is a clear expression of the compassion, understanding and care with which the Church wishes to respond to every woman who faces difficulties or crisis in pregnancy.
Appeal to legislators!
Legislators are being asked to pass a law prescribing the death of innocent human beings. I ask that Legislators would reflect on the seriousness of the situation before voting. Is it really necessary to provide for Abortion in circumstances where evidence overwhelmingly indicates it is unnecessary and unjustified? Are we not crossing a moral Rubicon here?
As we consider something as fundamental as this we ought not to behave as if our faith could be divorced from our decision and left 'outside the room'. Our faith confirms the fundamental truth upon which every human right and the very future of humanity depends: that every human life is beautiful, every human life is precious and every human life is sacred. I conclude therefore by making this simple and urgent appeal to all our public representatives: Choose life!
The last paragraph highlights one of the most harmful heresies of our day, that our Christian faith has no bearing on our lives, that it is nothing more than a harmless hobby or indulgence that may make us feel good. That kind of 'Christianity' has no connection with the invitation of Jesus in Luke 7:23:  If any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me
The Visitation, El Greco, 1610-13 [Web Gallery of Art]

Archbishop Neary mentioned CURA, a crisis pregnancy programme that has the full support of the Irish bishops. Here is a short video about the services it offers.
Rachel's Vineyard is a ministry of healing for women and men who have been affected directly by abortion. It holds about five healing weekends per year in Ireland. The movement in Ireland has also organised weekends in the Faroe Islands and in the Republic of Korea. There is a weekend in Ireland this coming weekend, Please keep the participants in your prayers. These weekends are always held in private locations.

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