11 September 2013

Standing with Fr Ray Blake

This is a follow up to my post on 9 September, Fr Ray Blake, English priest-blogger, misrepresented by local journalist and others. I came across the photo above on a number of other blogs since. I took it from The Epomynous Flower. I do not know who designed it.

There is much misrepresentation in the media of the Church and its mission and of some of its members who are faithfully carrying out that mission. This misrepresentation extends to matters on which the Church speaks. One example was the recent introduction of legislation allowing abortion in the Republic of Ireland for the first time.

Some misrepresentation is the result of ignorance and may contain no malice whatever. But when a person who is actively involved, along with his parishioners, in helping the destitute every day is described as 'complaining' about them when he is simply showing one unpleasant aspect of reality, one has to ask if only simple, genuine ignorance is involved.

Journalists often provide a great service to the community by calling others to task, including bishops and priests. Many journalists have lost their lives for speaking the truth. But sometimes it may be necessary to call a journalist to task.

St Francis de Sales, patron saint of journalists. [Wikipedia]

Maybe we can direct some prayers through the intercession of St Francis de Sales, patron saint of journalists, for those directly affected by this situation.

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