03 July 2008

YouTube Pulls Pro-life Video

A number of Catholic News agencies, including Zenit, reported yesterday that YouTube have pulled a pro-life video that showed how pro-abortion groups were behind a ‘neutral’ project in Peru.

YouTube Gives No Reason for Pulling Prolife Group's Video

Footage Exposed Producers of “The Decency Gap”

By Karna Swanson

DENVER, Colorado, JULY 2, 2008 (Zenit.org).- YouTube has pulled a video from their site that unmasks a supposedly unbiased film project as a pro-abortion initiative, and has yet to give any reason as to why it was removed.

The video-sharing site pulled “The Decency Gap/Eve Reinhardt,” which shows a meeting that took place in Lima several weeks ago between Carlos Polo, director for Latin America of the pro-life Population Research Institute, and independent filmmaker Eve Reinhardt, the Catholic News Agency reported today. Read the full story here.

You can view the video here, courtesy of Google, by clicking on this link: http://video.google.es/videoplay?docid=-556659095465139765

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