17 December 2009


Fr Michael Sinnott after arriving at Dublin Airport on 3 December

I would like to wish my Columban confrere, who recently spent a month in captivity after being kindapped in Pagadian City, Mindanao, in the southern Philippines, a

Very Happy 80th Birthday!

I congratulate him too on the 55th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood, which he will celebrate on the 21st.

He was our rector in St Columban's College, Dalgan Park, Navan, Ireland, when my classmates and I were ordained on 20 December 1967. I thank him for his example, his integrity, his prayerfulness and his total dedication as a priest. I see in him a man who is truly 'configured to Christ', the term Pope John Paul II highlighted in Pastores Dabo Vobis.

He is a light in these dark times for the Church in Ireland.

Ad multos annos!

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