15 February 2010

Why we need to put the 'Saint' back in Valentine's Day

An article in yesterday's Philippine Daily Inquirer shows why we need to put the 'Saint' back into 'Valentine's Day': ‘Vulgar, immoral,’ says Church of condom-giving with flowers. The story is reported in CathNews Philippines.

The report quotes Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz (photo), the retired archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan: 'It is vulgar, it is lewd, it is gross. To what extend would they entice young people to be promiscuous? How far are they willing to go in promoting illegitimate carnal relations?'

It is a sad fact that St Valentine's Day in the Philippines for some is simply an excuse for serious sin, for fornication and for adultery. St Valentine died in defence of the holy sacrament of matrimony, in defence of the wonderful dream God has carried in his heart from all eternity for each man and woman whom He has called to marriage. It would seem that the Philippine Department of 'Health' doesn't know what a dream/aspiration is and that young people are incapable of idealism and of genuine love that is a decision for the welfare of the beloved.

Health Warning: Don't hold your breath while waiting for the Secretary of 'Health' to resign.

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