21 June 2010

A Song of Life

Years ago I asked a six-year-old girl in a parish in Mindanao where I worked how many brothers and sisters she had. She told me that they were three: 'My older brother, me and the one with Mama' - meaning the one not yet born. This song by Aaron Lines, I Haven't Even Heard You Cry, reminded me of that incident. I found the link to the video in an email from LifeSiteNews.com. I had never heard of Aaron Lines before.

Watch the video to the very end!

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Lu said...

Hi FrSean...i listened and watched the video 'til the very end as you suggested - thank you. I thought the song was for the unborn child...i'd have missed the whole heart-tugging finale...a perfect tribute to a loving and truly loved father. Thank you for sharing this with us. Take care, Lu