03 August 2010

New website of Holy Family Home, Makati City, Philippines

A Child Redeemed is a Generation Saved
Capuchin Tertiary Sisters of the Holy Family

From time to time I've posted, as far as I can recall about Holy Family Home in Bacolod City where the Capuchin Tertiary Sisters of the Holy Family take care of girls and young women who come from backgrounds of abuse and/or poverty. The Sisters also have a home for girls in Makati City, where the financial centre of the Philippines is located. Makati is part of the Metro Manila complex.
In one of the outer parts of Makati City you can find Holy Family Home where the Sisters take in young girls whos families are living in extreme poverty. They have just set up a website. This is basically a source of information about the various services offered at Holy Family Home, which depends on the support of benfactors within the Philippines and overseas.

The Capuchin Tertiary Sisters of the Holy Family came to the Philippines in 1982 from Spain. Many of the Sisters were from Colombia and from some of the Central American nations such as Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Now the majority are young Filipino Sisters and the congregation has Filipino Sisters in Tanzania, India and Korea.
Cooking lessons are conducted by Hands-on-Manila volunteers every 3rd Saturday of the month, while the Latin American Women’s Club (Club de Damas Latinas), which has been helping Holy Family Home Foundation since 1997, teaches the girls how to make accessories from beads. The finished products are sold to augment the income of the center. Sister Luz Maria Buitrago TC, right, is from Colombia.

I believe that God is blessing the Sisters because they live an authentic religious life. They live in community, wear simple habits, have prayer, including prayer specifically for vocations, at the centre of their lives and get on with the job. The have a noticeable Franciscan joy about them.

Please keep these wonderful Sisters and the girls and young women they serve in your prayers. And check out http://holyfamilyhome.org/

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