25 September 2010

Mikko back home. Thanks for your prayers

Mikko, Miggy, Gee-Gee and Mica Dimayuga who live near Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Recently I asked you to pray for three-year-old Mikko who, not for the first time, was admitted to the ICU. I received this email from Gee-Gee Torres Dimayuga, the mother of Mikko and former assistant editor of Misyon, the magazine I edit for the Columbans in the Philippines, the other day:

Mikko is finally home. We got out of the hospital 9 minutes before midnight last Saturday. We're so happy to be homw already. Those two weeks of being in hospital were too much to take. Miggy stayed with Mikko for 10 days and I watched Mikko for 4 days.

Mikko is recovering well here at home. We still have to watch his oxygen and sodiu levels. Oh, Miggy and I are still so tired. Not being able to drive makes it more harder for us. (As they were both applying for their visas to be renewed they were unable to renew their driver's licences which had expired.) We have to ask friends if they are free or we take the taxi . . . Thank you for all the prayers.

Please continue your prayers for this lovely family whose faith in a loving God and our prayers for them are the sources of their strength.

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