08 January 2011

Pope Visits Sick Children on Feast of the Epiphany

Thanks to Fr Ray Blake where I found this video of Pope Benedict visiting sick children in the Agostino Gemelli Hospital in Rome on the Feast of the Epiphany, 6 January.


Anonymous said...

Father, sorry for being off-topic, but can I ask did you do Sheehan's apologetics at school? How many of the books were there? (I have only book 2)


Fr Seán Coyle said...

I recall using it in my first year in secondary school, 1956-57. I'm not sure if we used it in the following years. I remember only one volume, with a green cover.

Anonymous said...

Father, thank you. Sorry for being a pest, but as you can see Lux Occulta is becoming something of a library. Was the front cover the same as this?


Did you have to memorize the stuff by rote or did just reading it suffice? Was it taken very seriously if you can recall?

Also did you ever use this, come across it before, or know anything about it?


Many thanks.

Fr Seán Coyle said...

Yes, the edition of Sheehan's Apologetics in the photo was the one we used. I don't recall learning it by rote and we took it reasonably seriously. By that I mean that since there were no real exams involved - the annual diocesan exam conducted in the schools was taken as a joke - we treated it differently from other subjects. In my own case, Sheehan stimulated my desire to be a missionary priest.

I'm not familiar with Fr McGrath's book.

Anonymous said...

Father, that's very helpful. Thanks.