16 August 2011

World Youth Day begins today

These are the logos being used by the delegates from the Philippines at World Youth Day, which begins today in Madrid. 'Pinoy' is a term that Filipinos use for themselves and has no negative connotations whatever. President Benigno C. Aquino III, whose nickname is 'Noynoy', is universally referred to in the Philippines as 'P-Noy'.

The Conference of Catholic Bishops of the Philippines set up at website for World Youth Day 2011, wydpinoy.com.

Bishop Joel Z. Baylon of Legazpi is Chairman of the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Youth. His talk above is almost totally in Tagalog. The promo video below shows the essence of WYD - a pilgrimage of prayer, repentance, celebration of our Catholic faith. It is an occasion when young people can show their pride in their national and cultural identity while discovering their deepest identity as beloved sons and daughters of the Father, brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ and therefore of one another.

I like this promo video below. It captures something of the hope and optimism of the young. Though it is in Spanish anyone with a smattering of that language should be able to understand the texts or at least get the gist of them.

The song of Jaula Grillos, We Are More, on the video below, which is on the official website of WYD 2011, also captures something of the enthusiasm of the young that the Church needs.

The link to the official Facebook page is here. There are links there to pages in many languages, including English and Tagalog.

The official English Twitter page is here.

You can keep track of some of the delegates from the Philippines on Facebook on Youth Pinoy. There I found this photo of Filipino delegates to WYD in Fatima, Portugal, on 14 August:

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