22 May 2012

Persecution in Mexico yesterday and today

In my post yesterday, Church honours Mexican martyrs today, I included an interview with Mauricio Kuri, the 14-year-old actor who played the part of Blessed José Luis Sánchez Del Río in the new movie about the persecution of Catholics in Mexico in the 1920s, For Greater Glory. Above is another interview with the young actor.

And below, two old men recall the event of the martyrdom of Blessed José Luis.

The Church as such is no longer a target for persecution in Mexico, the country from which we in the Philippines received the Catholic faith. Today's persecution is conducted by drug-lords. Fr Kevin Mullins, an Australian Columban, is a parish priest in Ciudad Juarez, one of the most violent parts of Mexico. He was featured on PBS television in the USA on 26 March 2010. Here is the video of that broadcast, Juarez Drug Wars.

Please pray through the intercession of the Mexican Martyrs for justice and peace in their land, recalling the last words of St Christopher Magallanes, honoured by the Church yesterday along with his companions, I die innocent, and ask God that my blood may serve to unite my Mexican brethren.

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