20 February 2008

'Hitting the road'

In my second post I quoted a poem by Father Pádraig Ó Croiligh of the Diocese of Derry, Ireland, Tóg leat do bhata is cuir chun bóthair, 'Take your stick and hit the road'.

Maybe 'staff' would be a better translation, which means I'll have two staffs with me in Luzon next week, my metaphorical walking-staff and my editorial staff.

So, like a good peregrinus or pilgrim, following St Columban, my missionary patron, I'll be hitting the road tomorrow and won't be back here in Bacolod till late on Sunday 9 March, God willing. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to post during that period. But then I'm not sure if anyone is reading my posts!

A Prayer by St Columban

I beg you, most loving Saviour,
to reveal yourself to us who beseech you,
so that knowing you, we may love you only,
love you alone, desire you alone,
contemplate you alone by day and night,
and ever hold you in our thoughts.
May your charity possess all our inward parts,
and your love own us all,
and may your affection fill our senses.


adelle said...

Fr. Sean, I am reading your blogs and already sending comments.
Thank you for your beatiful prayer for St. Columban.

Mary C said...

I'm reading too Sean! Great to get your letter and to hear from you again. Snail mail on the way to you before too long. Well done on the blog too. It'll be nice to be able to log on regularly and see what you're up to!All good wishes to you from the oul'sod and go n-eiri an bothar leat!
Mary C