17 February 2008

Servites, serving persons with cancer

17 February is the Feast of the Seven Founders of the Servite Order, the Order of Friar Servants of the Blessed Virgin Mary. On the website of the Province of the Isles (Ireland and Britain) of the Order I found a beautiful Marian prayer for a friar who has died:


May the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose Servant(s) you have been, welcome you as she welcomed the Beloved Word of God.
May She take you under her protection on your journey to God, as She watched over you during your time on earth.
May She lead you with all the beloved Servants into the presence of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the one only Mediator of us all, in whose Resurrection from the dead is our Hope and Salvation.
So may the Communion of Saints be made more rich and full, that you may be welcome into the glory of God the Most High.

The Servites have a special ministry to persons with cancer and their families through St Peregrine, a Servite, who is the patron of those with cancer. The website of the US Province has a page about him.

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