26 March 2008

Colombian President prays Rosary to avert war with neighbours

'The President is a man of faith, he always carries with him a wooden Cross and a Rosary. I have heard him pray several times in the motorcade or on the presidential airplane. He always tries to be coherent with his faith in his work, pleasing God with what he does.' Thus El Tiempo, a Colombian newspaper, quotes Fr Julio Solórzano, Chaplain of Colombia’s Presidential Palace.

The story of how Colombian President Alvaro Uribe recently prayed the Rosary with his staff and members of his cabinet to avert war with neighbouring Venezuela and Ecuador is carried by Catholic News Agency. The crisis started on 1 March when Colombian soldiers went after Marxist rebels just over the border in Ecuador, having been ordered to do so by President Uribe.

The president insisted that the Rosary be prayed to Mary under her titles as patroness of Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador : Our Lady of Chiquinquira, Our Lady of Coromoto and Our Lady of Mercy, respectively. Clearly he had the good of the people of the three nations in his heart, praying to the Mother of All.

The report seems to be a translation from Spanish but the English, though inelegant, is clear. You can read more here, in Spanish, in El Tiempo.

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