14 March 2008

St Joseph, Husband of Mary

The Church honours St Joseph above all as 'the Husband of Mary'. That is the title of his solemnity, normally on 19 March but this year tomorrow, 15 March, becaus of Holy Week.

Babes Tan-Magkalas is a Filipina living in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, who has a website devoted to St Joseph.

May St Joseph, the Husband of Mary, pray for all husbands that they may always love their wife more than anyone else, even their children, and that by doing so they will be loving fathers. Some married couples long for children but can't have any. St Joseph, who never fathered a child but was called by God to be the legal father of Jesus, God-Who-became-Man, surely has a specail place in his ehart for childless couples.

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Babes Tan-Magkalas said...

Fr. Sean, thank you for mentioning me in your blog and the website. I am honoured.

My husband and I don't have any children (we do have 2 dogs, a bird and 12 fish :))but we certainly look up to St. Joseph as our guide. My husband would always say to me (or I would say to him) when one of us say or do something which hurt the other: "Honey, I don't think Saint Joseph would have done that." And that statement always works because one of us would always say: "Oh yes, you're right. I'm sorry." and really mean it.

Babes Tan-Magkalas