06 June 2009

'Did you ever imagine you would become pope?'

Here's the second question at Pope Benedict's meeting with children in Rome on 30 May. The children were members of the Pontifical Society of the Holy Childhood.

Q: My name is Letizia and I wanted to ask you a question. Dear Pope Benedict XVI, what did the motto: "Children help children" mean for you when you were a boy? Did you ever imagine you would become Pope?

Benedict XVI: To tell the truth, I would never have thought of becoming Pope, because, as I have already said, I was a fairly ingenuous boy in a small town far from the city centres, in a forgotten province. We were glad to be in this area and we did not think of other things. Naturally we came to know, venerate and love the Pope -- Pius XI at the time -- but for us he was a very august figure, almost in another world: our spiritual Father, but nevertheless a reality much superior to all of us. And I must say that still today I have difficulty understanding how the Lord could have thought of me, destined me for this ministry. But I accept it from his hands, even if it is something surprising and that seems to me to be far beyond my strength. But the Lord helps me.

The translation is by the Vatican and can be found in Zenit.


Catholic Mom of 10 said...

Hope I don't fall out with you Fr sean!!

Fr Seán Coyle said...

No falling out whatever!