17 June 2009

My new 'Eyepod'

Introducing my new 'Eyepod', now just over ten weeks old, the only one of the four kittens born in the old house who has managed the transition to our new house just over a month ago. We had to fetch his mother Pascua and her by then three kittens a number of times from the old house, which is only about 200 metres away. Now there's only Eyepod left.

He has some kind of infection or mild defect in his left eye, hence his name. At night when I pray part of the Divine Office on the covered patio at the back of the house, he likes to sit beside me, not the first kitten I've had with a liturgical bent!

I am certain that when God created the first cat He smiled!

The logo on my shirt is that of Worldwide Marriage Encounter.


Catholic Mom of 10 said...

Love the shirt Fr Sean! Super cool!

Ma. Milagros said...

Oh, that is the most interesting "gadget" I have ever seen, Father Sean. And the most vulnerable I suppose to "virus". Hehe. How have you been? Jun is better this time. Thank you for your continued prayers. Keep well yourself and God bless you in your every undertaking. I am sure whatever you plant will grow and blossom!

Victoria Mildew said...

Dear Fr. Sean

What a delightful little kitten and a lovely colour too.

If he has eye problems, perhaps a prayer to St. Lucy, perhaps?

In the meantime, a little poem I found on a website,and think it appropriate for your new found friend

God bless


(W Girt)

The Lord looked down upon His world, created fresh and new,
With soaring, shining mountain tops and gleaming seas of blue.
The lordly lions roaming free with tigers golden bright,
All very grand, magnificent, but somehow, not quite right.
He stroked His beard and mused awhile and thought of this and that,
'All these are far too big,' he said, 'I'll make a smaller cat;
To edge towards the fire at night, out of the chilly wind,
An independent animal, but needing human kind;
With fur so soft and warm to touch, but brimming full of guile,
With pansy-faced wee kittens to make the children smile.'
All that was very long ago, but still the cat's with us,
Aloof and condescending, but loving all the fuss.
You'll never, ever own a cat, as all cat lovers know,
He'll curl himself around your heart and never let you go.

Gerry said...

Hi Fr Sean, feel like sneezing AAACCHHOOOOO! Guaranteed no H1N1 virus.

My name is Anne said...

he looks much tinier in your arms DBB! i still don't know if Eyepod is a she or a he.

Fr Seán Coyle said...

Here's a comment by email from Mel Sangalang, wife of Rey, from Metro Manila, who, with Fr Opet Guiritan CM, a native of Bohol in the central Philippines, form the current Asian Coordinating Team of Worldwide Marriage Encounter:

Hi, Fr. Sean,

You do not age. maybe you have cat-like qualities (that of having many lives) to keep you from growing old. We have many cats, all black, so if you want to adopt one or two or three and make them into spiritual cats, we'll bring them to your NBM. Hahaha.



Anne, who commented (My name is Anne) is the assistant editor of www.misyononline.com, of which I'm editor. I'm known in the office as 'DBB' - 'Da Big Boss'!

BTW, Anne, I'm pretty sure he's a he!


Thanks, Victoria Mildew, for the delightful poem, which I hadn't come across before. I think I"ll post 'Pangur Ban', a poem written by an Irish monk on the side of a manuscript he was working on long belfore the days of blogs and iPods. And maybe I will ask St Lucy, along with St Francis and St Martin de Porres, who had the gift of healing both people and animals, for little Eyepod. But he doesn't seem bothered.

Years ago when I was working in the seminary in Ozamiz City, Mindanao, there was a blind cat that always made its way to the priests' table. Cats know when they're on to a good thing!