06 August 2009

Transfiguration death anniversaries

At the grave of Corporal Laurence Dowd, Royal Irish Regiment
Killed in action, Ypres/Ieper, Belgium, 6 August 1917

Larry Dowd was the brother of my maternal grandmother, from near Tara, County Meath, Ireland. He was 37 when he died. I located his grave in September 2001, when this photo was taken, the first relative to visit it.

Hiroshima, Japan, after the dropping of the first atmoic bomb, 6 August 1945

Hiroshima had a population of about 225,000 before the bombing. It is estimated that 66,000 died and 69,000 were injured. Many of the latter subsequently died from radiation.

Peace Park, Nagasaki, where the second atomic bomb was dropped on 9 August 1945

Nagasaki had 195,000 people before the bombing of whom an estimated 39,000 died and 25,000 were injured.

Pope Paul VI, died 6 August 1978

Pope Paul was the first pope to visit the Philippines, in November 1970, and took a very personal interest in the development of the Church in Mindanao.
May all of these rest in peace.

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Catholic Mom of 10 said...

Your posts are amazing Fr Sean..remembered to pray for you. I kept getting lost!