24 October 2009

Statement of support for Fr Sinnott by CBCP

Rev. Patrick O'Donoghue, MSSC
Regional Director
Missionary Society of St Columban
1857 Singalong
1004 Manila

October 22, 2009

Dear Father O’Donoghue

Peace and hope in Jesus Christ!

It is with much pain that the Church in the Philippines continues to wait for updates on the whereabouts of Rev. Fr. Michael Sinnott, MSSC.

On behalf of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philipines, I wish to assure the Columban Family here and abroad of our prayers for his safety, stable health and speedy and peaceful release. The abduction of him by unidentified men two weekends ago reminds each one of us again of the need to continue working and praying for peace and harmony based on respect and care for one another.

I likewise wish to underline the hardships and sacrifices that Fr. Sinnott could be presently undergoing are a shining manifestation of the faithful and courageous love of the foreign missionaries for the Filipinos, a reality that we Bishops and priests can deeply thank you all and the likes of Fr. Sinnott only in prayer.

I join every concerned Filipino in addressing to the abductors our earnest appeal for the release of Fr. Sinnott, for the sake of love and peace.

With my fraternal regards and continued prayers,


+ Angel N. Lagdameo
Archbishop of Jaro
President, CBCP

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