18 July 2010

Off to Dublin!

Bus in Dublin

I'll be flying to Dublin, my home town, on Tuesday night, God willing, and will probably be using buses like the one above quite often. I'll be coming back to the Philippines in mid-October but will be fying to Toronto on 25 July to spend some time with friends who live not far from there. I studied in Toronto for a year in 1981-82.

River Liffey in centre of Dublin

This photo was taken from the Ha'penny Bridge, a pedestrian bridge, looking east towards O'Connell Bridge at the southern end of O'Connell Street, the city's main thoroughfare. The Luas (Irish for 'speed') is heading west from Abbey Street, the first street north of the Liffey, crossing O'Connell Street. The statue is of Sir John Gray (or Grey), a prominent figure in Dublin in the 19th century.

Dublin city centre, Luas

I found the photo at the top on http://www.irishbuses.com/  and the other two on http://www.trekearth.com/.

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