20 July 2010

Pray for Father Patrick Hurley

I'm flying home to Dublin tonight from Manila. Father Patrick Hurley (second from the left in the photo above taken 23 November last year at the new San Columbano Center in the Diocese of Kabankalan, Philippines,) was supposed to travel with me. He recently turned 86.

However, yesterday morning he had a fall and fractured his left hip. It's not a serious fracture but he will need surgery. He's in good spirits. The accident happened on the 60th anniversary of his arrival in Negros as one of the pioneers in the then new Columban mission in the Diocese of Bacolod. The territory we were given is now the Diocese of Kabankalan, covering the southern part of the province of Negros Occidental. He is the only member of that first group still based in Negros.

Please keep him in your prayers.


Adelyn Pandis said...

Hi - I am Adelyn Pandis and I am one of the scholars of Father Patrick Hurley in Binalbagan Catholic College. I heard he was now staying in Ireland. My last meeting with him was on December 2009. When I visited him again in Biscom last 2013, I was informed that he went back to Ireland. Can I ask his exact address in Ireland? I just wanted to send him some greeting and post cards as my simple thank you for all his kindness. Thanks! :)

Sean Hurley said...

Dalgan Park,
Navan, Co.Meath,

catherine marie tapio said...

Hello I'm daughter of lolito Tapil and Imelda Tapil my father said please tell to lolo fr. That thank you for the help that he gives,,and good blessed you we love you fr Hurley and we miss you I remember when I was young we 3 Emilito Tapil and Catherine Tapil and Patrick Tapil love you as my grand father..please takecare always there and we wish you to have ahh many birth day and years mwahhh I well send you a post card because sister Juliana gives me you're address.,, mwahhh thank you..