07 July 2008

Confusion about murdered priest in Nepal clarified

The reports of the death of an Indian Salesian priest in Nepal have caused some confusion. Initial reports gave his name as John Prakash, while later bulletins said he was Fr Johnson Moyalan (one Salesian report giving both 'Moyalan' and 'Moylan' as his surname).
A later bulletin from Agenzia Info Salesiana clarifies that Fr Moyalan took the name 'John Prakash' when he went to Nepal. Here is the full report .

2/7/2008 - Nepal – The death of Fr Moyalan (ANS – Dharan) – The news of the killing of the Salesian Fr Johnson Moyalan, which happened in the early hours of yesterday at the mission of Sirsia, in Nepal, has quickly gone round the world provoking responses and perplexity.

The Rector Major Fr Pascual Chávez has sent a personal message of condolence to the Salesians of the Calcutta Province , “I am sure that the Lord will accept this sacrifice of our confreres and repay it back with a shower of blessings.”

According to police reports the killing of Fr Moyalan, who on his arrival in Nepal took the name John Prakash, does not seem to be anti-religious in character. The event seems to be linked to a new local underground terrorist group interested only in funding its activities. Convinced that Fr Moyalan had drawn money the previous day from a bank in the area, they broke into the Salesian house; frightened perhaps by the killing of the priest, they did not steal anything.

In Nepal there a various underground terrorist groups who fund their activities by robbery and raids; some months ago the Salesian mission in Sirsia was the subject of another robbery.

Following the killing of Fr Moyalan, for the time being the Salesians have left the Sirsia mission damaged by the explosion of a bomb thrown by the gang before fleeing. Published 02/07/2008

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