31 July 2008

'Dementia: the past makes sense of the present' 2

The Daily Telegraph published the second part of Dementia: the past makes sense of the present under the title Dementia part two: unlocking memories through love on Tuesday. This is an extract from a book on dementia by Oliver James. See my earlier post here.

My friend Frances Molloy, founder of Pastoral Care Project in the Archdiocese of Birmingham, England, asked me in an email if there was any reference to the spiritual needs of those with different forms of dementia. There doesn't seem to be a specific reference but I haven't read the whole book. But for us Christians, for whom our relationship with God is supposed to be the most central in our lives, the spiritual and faith dimension of our lives cannot be bypassed.


Just after I posted the above I came across an article by Rosie Boycott in today's Daily Telegraph on the same subject, 'I wish the new Alzheimer's drug had come in time for Daddy'.
It has links to the two extracts from the book of Oliver James on dementia, part one and part two.

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