12 November 2009

Day 32 - Freedom: Message from Fr Pat O'Donoghue

A decent meal after more than a month! St Columban's, Manila, today

Fr Pat O'Donoghue, Regional Director of the Columbans in the Philippines

Dear Friends,

Today has been a most blessed day with the peaceful and safe release of Fr Mick Sinnott. I know that all of you, who have kept vigil with us over this past month are now rejoicing with us. The responsorial psalm today 'Let my soul live to praise you' perhaps sums everything up. Father Mick is safely with us and he together with all of us around the world who have been praying for this day, do indeed praise the Lord.

I really do not have energy to do a 'full' update on today - but I promise to do something tomorrow to bring you up to speed on the details of what happened today. Thanks once more to everyone.


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