01 November 2009

Press statement by Columban Superior in the Philippines: NO RANSOM

Fr Michael Sinnott, kidnapped 11 October 2009


This statement was issued to the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines. It is reported online on cbcpnews.

I have seen the video sent by Fr. Mick Sinnott’s abductors. It is heartening to know that he is alive and that he has some of his medications. However, this video is now eight days old. This past week has been very wet here in Mindanao and living in the conditions that he described can only have had an adverse effect on his fragile health. I hope that he continues to be well.

The Missionary Society of St. Columban does not pay ransom. And we believe that it should not be paid. Fr. Mick was unjustly and harshly taken from his home three weeks ago today. I call on all people of good-will, who may have ways of influencing those who are still holding Fr. Mick, to continue their efforts to enable the abductors to see that the best and simplest way forward is for them to now release Fr. Sinnott without further delay.

On this All Saints Day, let us unite our prayers with them that the hearts of the abductors will be opened to compassion and fairness.

Fr. Patrick O’Donoghue November 1, 2009.

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