13 November 2009

RTÉ and other coverage of release of Fr Michael Sinnott

Fr Michael Sinnott relaxing yesterday at St Columban's, Manila

Ireland’s nation radio and television service, RTÉ, has given extensive coverage to the kidnapping and release of Fr Michael Sinnott. Under the heading Family praises Sinnott’s understanding you will find links to two interviews yesterday with Father Sinnott. One is the interview at the press conference on his arrival at Villamor Air Base, just south of Manila. The other is an interview later in the day at St Columban’s, Manila, by Margaret Ward, RTÉ’s foreign editor. Watching these two videos you can see a ‘before and after’ Fr Sinnott – not before and after the kidnapping, but before and after shaving. I am still astonished at how well he looks and at the fact that he suffered nothing health-wise during his 31 days of captivity.

On the bottom of the RTÉ webpage you will find links to various radio and TV reports. I sometimes have trouble with RTÉ’s links but am not sure if the problem is with their technical side or with my computer.

Upon arrival at Villamor Air Base yesterday morning

London’s The Daily Telegraph carries a report: Freed Irish priest ‘treated well by Muslim kidnappers’.

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Brendan Allen said...

Yes, some good news on the front pages of Irish newspapers for a change.