12 November 2009

My comments on the release of Fr Michael Sinnott

Frs John Comiskey, Jude Genovia, Desmond Quinn and Michael Sinnott.
St Columban's, Manila, 12 November 2009
I am amazed and delighted to see how well Fr Michael Sinnott looks after his ordeal for the past month.
You can find my comments on his release on a video on the homepage of Misyon, the online magazine I edit for the Columbans here in the Philippines. It is under the heading Editor on the release of Fr Micha . . . and is a postscript to the Pulong ng Editor (Editor's Word) that I recorded for the November-December issue of Misyon and which is below the new video.
I think that I have done justice to an outstanding missionary priest in both videos, a priest I can hold up as a model of what a priest of Jesus Christ is called to be.
May God grant him many more years among us.

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