13 November 2009

'The Miracle Girls'

My young friends in Holy Family Home, Bacolod City, who have appeared in Misyon, here (video) and here (video), have been praying their hearts out for Fr Michael Sinnott. when I returned from Australia recently the first question of the younger ones was 'Komusta si Father Michael?' 'How is Father Michael?' They were quite ecstatic yesterday when they heard of his release and have a welcome for him on the homepage of Misyon. One of the girls whispered to me wiht a smle on her face, 'We are the miracle girls'. The fact that Father Sinnott had no medical problems whatever in captivity, even though he's 79, had a heart bypass four years ago and had no medication for about ten days, indicates that God was indeed listening to the heartfelt prayers of 'The Miracle Girls'.

Knowing Father Michael's 'weakness' for ice-cream I promised Sister Alma TC, the one in charge of Holy Family Home, that I'd get ice-cream for the girls when he was released.

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